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Today we travel back to one of the biggest nation in the world of biathlon. We visit Germany again and after Erik Lesser, now we have interview with Daniel Böhm.

BFH: Dear, Daniel, thank you to accept our interview request. How are you? How do you spend your preparation time?

Daniel: Hi, I‘m pretty fine until now and really satisfied with the first 3 months of the preparation. We did a lot of endurance-training on the bike, in running or on the rollerskis and also absolved several hours of strength training. In the upcoming weeks the intensive sessions will come more and more to increase the speed.

BFH: You had a fantastic season in last year. You were 2nd in the IBU Cups total score, and in Oslo after a good result you were getting into a mass start competition. How can you summarize your season? Are you satisfied with your performance?

Daniel: The facts may sound quite acceptable on the first view but honestly I was not really satisfied with the season because my skiing-performance was really bad and absolutely not competitive. I did some mistakes during the summer and was really tired in the season. The positive thing was that I could develop in the shooting part what saved some good results. It was not easy to switch the focus completely on the shooting range but in the end I was able to handle it well.

BFH: After your good results I think you have chance to stabilize yourself in the A-team. Is it a possible goal for you for the next season?

Daniel: This absolutely the main goal for the next season. It is the Olympic season and I want to give everything to be part of the German team in Sotchi 2014. I know that I can reach this goal by working concentrated and clever in the training to develop on the tracks and by keeping up the level of the last season at the shooting range.

BFH: In 2009 in Vancouver you reached your best result in a World Cup race in Vancouver. In the individual you came in 2nd position, and you defeated the biggest names. Are you good memories from this race?

Daniel: This was really a great day for me. I remember that I felt not good in the morning and was tired from the jetlag but the conditions were perfect with -5 degrees and sun, so it was not hard to motivate for the race. I felt great on the tracks, had super-fast skis and was relaxed and secure at the shooting range. All the important parts of a race came together at this day. Remembering that race still gives me motivation and power to keep on working.

BFH: What's your main goal in your career? Have you ever think about it?

Daniel: The main goal is to reach my personal best. I guess it‘s not easy to say what this is worth because I never felt like I reached my limit. I want to be able to fight for top-results over a whole season and to win a medal at a big event!

BFH: When did you start your career, and what was your best and your worse memories?

Daniel: I started with xc-skiing when I was 6 and changed to biathlon at the age of 12. During a sports-career you have a lot of good and bad memories and it‘s often like a rollercoaster and seldom just straight up. The best memories are for sure victories like the junior-champs, the individual in Whistler or the relay in Antholz 2011. The worst memories are mostly combined with injuries or sickness like 2011, when I started to train in April really motivated after a good season and broke my hand at a crash. Then you need a lot of power to fight!

BFH: Biathlon have a lot of competitions like sprint, individual, pursuit, mass start, relay. Which is your favourite and why?

Daniel: Every race has it‘s special „character“. I prefer the pursuit and mass start because you can fight face to face and it‘s four times shooting. And for sure relays are always something special because you compete as a team, which has a special spirit.

BFH: Biathlon have a very big popularity in Germany. I suppose to be a German biathlete is a very good feeling, but also responsibility. Do you agree?

Daniel: We have a good situation in Germany as athletes and especially biathlon is quite popular. This means that we get paid for the sport and can concentrate 100% on the training. To have a responsibility can be a weight on your shoulders but it‘s also a great chance to motivate and inspire young people to get out and fight for a goal.

BFH: In the summer season will you start in any competition? Do you go to the WCH to Italy?

Daniel: We have the Nationals in september on rollerskis with 6 races in 10 days. Some of the team will go to Püttlingen but I guess too many competitions in the summer are not good for the training. So I will just do the Nationals.

BFH: Now, please tell to us something about you. What do you usually like to do when you have some free times? Have you got some hobbies?

Daniel: Honestly there is not so much time for many hobbies but I like to be outside in the nature to relax and switch off. This can be climbing, hiking in the mountains or ski-touring in the winter. Beside this I like to read and just to relax or to meet some friends.

BFH: We would like to thank you the inteview, and we wish all the best for you. Finally, have you got some special message to the Hungarian fans?

Daniel: You‘re welcome! I don‘t know so much about the situation of biathlon in Hungary but it‘s nice to have athletes from all over the world, so keep on working hard and enjoy what you‘re doing!!

We hope the best for Daniel during his career!

Photo: Jarle Vines (Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike 3.0)

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