Sarah Murphy interview

Today we travel a lot... to the other end of the world again. We take a trip to New Zealand, to have an interview with Sarah 'Hurricane' Murphy.

BFH: Dear Sarah, thank you to accept our interview request. Some people know you as a Hurricane. How become this nickname for you?

Sarah: No problem Well, there are a few reasons for the nickname I guess, but mainly it is because I seem to arrive suddenly, cause some sort of disaster, and then go. Also, because I seem to have a boat load of energy and I'm usually just running around crazily.

BFH: You were born in Canada, and you started your career in Canadian colours. Why did you change nation and why special New Zealand did you choose?

Sarah: Yep- started racing in Canada, but because I grew up in both New Zealand and Canada I had two passports. I was given the chance to help develop the sport in New Zealand and be the first female biathlete for the country. I love both countries though

BFH: In New Zealand you are the only one female biathlete. How popular is biathlon in there?

Sarah: It's growing! We just had a great camp with some kiwis, Aussies, Swedes, Japanese athletes and some wee Canadians. The Wanaka biathlon club (only biathlon club in New Zealand) is growing, and next year there are some young athletes heading to Sweden for an exchange.

BFH: A lot of athletes from the little nations need some help during the races and preparation times. I think you feel the same. Which nations give you the most help? Who is your best friend from the athletes?

Sarah: I think every nation has helped me at some point. I traveled with Ukraine for 2 seasons, Slovenia waxed my skis this season, Poland has always been a huge help, GBR are always good to have a laugh with, and some of my childhood friends are on the Canadian team. Its hard to say who the best friends are as everyone is so friendly.

BFH: You train alone or you join to other nations?

Sarah: Now I am training alone. Last year I lived in Switzerland which was an interesting experience, but now I am really happy to be back in New Zealand. There are a lot of athletes who come to train here in the winter, so it is a really nice training atmosphere.

BFH: In 2010 you took part in the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. You also celebrated there your 22nd birthday. What memories do you have about the Olympic Games? How did you live it?

Sarah: The Olympics were an amazing experience- I think I was in a daze the whole time. My races were not great, but the energy of the games was something I will never forget.

BFH: The next year will be an Olympic year again. You are the only one athlete from your nation, so you are in a very difficult situation. How do you see your chances for Sochi?

Sarah: Well…it is looking like I will need a miracle. I do not have any support from my nation, so it is really tough to train like all the other teams. New Zealand has set a tough qualifying standard for me and I have to complete it before Christmas to qualify. I am still confident I can do it, but it is going to be hard.

BFH: What are your other goals for the next season? I think a reached World Cup point could make you very statisfied.

Sarah: Yep, that would be nice. I was close before the last Olympics with 43rd, but never quite made it into the top 40. I would of course love to qualify for the Olympics.

BFH: In what races can meet a fans with you in this off-season?

Sarah: Any really. I am pretty approachable. I will be in Idre, Ostersund, Hochfilzen, and Le Grande-Bornand.

BFH: In the IBU datacenter everybody can read a very interesting hobby on your page. It's sheep shearing. Everybody know in New Zealand are a lot of sheeps, it's a very traditional event there, it have a lot of competitions too. Are you good in it? What are you love in it?

Sarah: To be honest, I haven't done much sheep shearing lately. Although last night, we did shoot a possum. Just a wee bit of NZL biathlon truing

BFH: Finally, please tell to us, have you good memories with the Hungarian fans? Have you got a special message?

Sarah: Yep, Emoke and Charlie are great. We have many great memories together. I am looking forward to seeing them this coming season!

BFH: Thank you the interview, we wish you all the best for the preparation and the next season too!

Sarah: Thanks so much! If anyone wants to help me to try to qualify, they can check out this page: http://www.plumfund.com/pf/OlympicDream Take care, have fun and smile!!! xx Sarah

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