Marie Dorin-Habert interview (English)

We had interviews with several fantastic biathletes, even on their birthdays – now another very important date is today. The birthday of the world’s nr 4 biathlete, Marie Dorin-Habert. (The interview was made on 6th of June.)

BFH: Marie, the Hungarian biathlon fans first would like to wish you a very happy birthday!!! Do you have time to celebrate it between the trainings?

Marie: No!! Anyway on my birthday I'll have training in Bormio with the French team. I think we'll eat cake for this moment but just that. I'm an old now, I don't feel like blow the candle's!

BFH: You did your best season so far with 3 individual podiums and 4th place in the overall ranking – which was your best moment in the last winter?

Marie: Without any hesitation: the first podium in Pokljuka . It was a good feeling I could be among the best in December and after that, I wanted taste again podium after long time.

BFH: What would be the result in Sochi which you would be happy with? In Vancouver you had one silver and one bronze, I suppose maybe you want even better…

Marie: No, I do not care about the type of the medal, I will be happy if I can bring back one home!!

BFH: What is the training plan for the summer? You travel again to Norway to the Blink Festival?

Marie: Yes, we go to Blink Festival after stage in Norway under the rain. Otherwise we change training stage every 15 days.

BFH: Finally, please tell us if you have some good memories from the Hungarian biathlon fans or if you have some special message to them.

Marie: Hello Hungarian biathlon fans!! Thanks to encourage the little French girls, especially the one who complain all the time and have very very sore legs during the races!! Thanks for all,
See you soon,

Thank you for your answers and we wish you good preparation for the Olympic season!

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