Grete Gaim birthday interview

Less than 10 days ago we had an interview with a Junior World Champion biathlete in her 20th birthday. And for us nothing is impossible: we do the same again!!! We have a talk now with Grete Gaim – another Estonian rising star.

BFH: Grete, first we would like to wish a very happy birthday to you in the name of the Hungarian Biathlon Fans!!! You became Junior WCH in Kontiolahti in 2012 – in pursuit, from the 10th position. What are your memories from that race?

Grete: Thank you very much! I have the best memories of this day, it has been the best day in my life so far! I remember I was so surprised during the race , but I knew I have to shoot well to win some kind of medal and I scared I lost my position to Canadian girl on my last lap, but I believed myself and I did it what I had to do, so I remember my tears of happiness, because I was certainly the happiest girl in the whole world!

BFH: What are your feelings about this winter? Are you satisfied with your season altogether?

Grete: The feelings from this season isn’t that good, but I learn so much from last season so I hope I can be much better in next season. I’m not that satisfied, but I had some step further and some beautiful races as well.

BFH: What is the main goal for the next season? You were only 15 seconds from your first WC point in the Oberhof sprint (46th place)… Maybe your first top 40 position? And maybe in Sochi?:)

Grete: My main goal is of course Junior Champs in USA and of course to qualified to the Olympic Games in Sochi. Yes of course I want to get my first points, but I don’t think about that so much. I want to do great races then comes the results as well.

BFH: You have a very young and talented women team in Estonia. Do you think is it possible one day to be on the podium in a relay competition?

Grete: Of course I have to say certainly! Because if we don’t believe in ourselves it doesn’t happen!

BFH: What are you doing at the moment? I guess you have started the preparation...

Grete: I already have started with my new season , but first easy trainings.. and I’m trying to finish my school.

BFH: Do you have some special message to the Hungarian fans?

Grete: Don’t lose your believeing in your athletes and support them every different way! And of course enjoy everything what biathlon gives you, it’s worth it!

BFH: Thank you for your answers and we wish you good work for the summer trainings!

Grete: Thank you very much and have a nice summer all of you!

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