Scott Gow interview (03.31)

One special Easter surprise: an exclusive interview with the young Canadian talent Scott Gow, only for our fan group!!! 

This was your first season in the World Cup and you managed to get your first points as well. Are you satisfied with your results?

I’m very happy with my results this year. It was my first full season on the World Cup and I wasn’t sure what to expect for results, but I was able to get some points races which was my goal and I am pleased with that

Your best result is from the Ruhpolding sprint but you almost reached the top 30 in the WCH int he individual. Which is your favourite discipline?

My favorite is the pursuit race. It is always fun to be skiing in a group with lots of people and the extra challenge of trying to move up in the standings makes it exciting too. Although, my best resuts have come from the sprint, and I think I am more consistent in the sprint race than any other discipline

What does the win of JP Leguellec mean the Canadian biathlon? Did it become more popular?

Unfortunately his gold medal did not get a lot of media coverage. His win means a lot for biathlon for funding, and people who already know the sport are very excited, but it hasn’t had too much of an impact on the rest of Canada

The Canadian men relay reached the wonderful 8th place in Nove Mesto. Do you think this result can be even better?

I think we can improve on this result. Another year of training for me, and if we can get Brendan Green back to health and on race skis there is a very good chance we could do better than 8th; hopefully at the Olympics too.

What are your plans for the next season? Sochi, I guess…

I have been accepted on the National A Team this year, and we don’t know what that means yet, but I think it will mean I start the World Cup season next year. My plans now are to prepare over the summer for Sochi, and to be as fast as possible when it is winter time. I still have to qualify for Sochi so I will be focusing on achieving my qualification and trying to have the best races possible if I go to the Olympics

You have reached several times the top 10 in the junior WCHs. Do you think you will be able to reach this level in the World Cup? Or even better? What is your main goal to reach in biathlon?

I think with another year or two, and some good training it is possible for me to reach a top 10 on the World Cup. My goal for next year would be to achieve a top 20 result, but after seeing what JP can do, and the results Scott Perras has had, it is very possible for me to get into the top 10. It’s a big goal, but I like to think a very real goal

You have a younger brother, Christian, who also does biathlon. Maybe one time you can be the new Fourcade brothers?:)

Hahahaha. I think maybe one day, but we will have to wait for the Fourcades to retire... Christian is definitely going to start racing on the World Cup circuit after Sochi, and it will be lots of fun to have my brother on tour with me, and now racers will have to look out for the Gow brothers!

Thank you very much for your questions and support over this past World Cup season! You Hungarian fans were the loudest fans in Nove Mesto and have been some of my biggest supporters. I really do appreciate it, and wish all of you the best over the summer, and look forward to another season in November.

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